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A Berotec Business Partner

History of Derema AB

Derema AB was first founded in 2012 by Lennart Brunnberg and is still run by the founder. Already from the start, we engaged in the Berotec consultant network company to facilitate the best of work tasks and for marketing and sales of our services.


The name Derema is an abbreviation of DEsign REalisation MAnagement. It mirrors well the areas we focus our work in, without unnecessary limitations.


From the beginning, we have had a few key clients but also supported several other companies with solving problems in areas we enjoy highly working in. Many of these have been start-up companies.


Being a Business Partner to Berotec means following a set of rules of conduct. We are happy to comply with these and to contribute to the development of the consultancy in various ways.

Design realisation - Production development

We support and coach you through the entire process from idea generation to realisation in manufacturing.


Key areas with experience are:

  • Medical devices.
  • Consumer products.
  • IT related products.
  • Optical plastics.
  • Domestic appliances.
  • Dairy farm equipment
  • Automotive products.
  • Shelter products for refugees.
  • Etc.


Some important knowledge areas are:

  • Plastics.
  • Tooling.
  • Injection moulding.
  • Special moulding and decoration technologies.
  • Innovation / IP.
  • Design strategies.
  • Development management and strategies.
  • ISO 13485.
  • ISO 14971.
  • Injector and Inhaler standards.
  • Usability Engineering.
  • Quality by Design (QbD).
  • Purchasing / procurement, equipment and direct materials.
  • Prototyping and experiments.
  • Etc.

Fine mechanics

Fine mechanics and design of dynamic mechanisms is a speciality where significant experiences are won through many years of engagement in the area.

Plastics and tooling

  • Low cost and rapid delivery of tooling from Asia.
  • High tech optical moulding from Asia and Europe.
  • Multi-material moulding.
  • Special decoration and inlay technologies (e.g. IMD / IML).
  • Injection Compression Moulding (ICM).
  • Temperature varying technologies for moulding, e.g. heating/cooling with induction or steam.
  • Mould process control and validation by "scientific moulding".

Rationalisation projects

In collaboration with your development, product care and purchasing / procurement functions, we seek and identify savings potential in your product portfolio. The values saved are often substantial as every saved cent gives a direct 1:1 proportion gain in your balance sheet.

Address: Derema AB, Öringevägen 59, 135 49 Tyresö, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 567 51 71

E-mail: info [at] derema.se

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